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Hunt Tony Paris 76 by hunt_tony2009

'Incendiary Soul:  A Biographical Homage to the Sales Brothers'.

By Stephanie Lynne Thorburn

Category:  Biography.  Music- rock & soul.

'Incendiary Soul' is a popular music eBook odyssey, exploring the Sales Brothers' repertoire that forms a soundtrack to modern life. The Sales Brothers have survived a diversity of musical incarnations and invariably collaborated in esteemed company since the inception of their careers. Having recorded with Todd Rundgren, they formed the rhythm section for Iggy Pop's legendary 'Lust for Life' album in 1977, recorded in Hansa Studio by the Berlin Wall. Over a decade later, the Sales Brothers established Tin Machine with David Bowie and virtuoso guitarist Reeves Gabrels. The Kindle enabled version of this biographical eBook offers an updated edition.

'Incendiary Soul' 2012 includes: In-depth interviews, biography, resume of Hunt & Tony Sales' quintessential soul album and homage to the Stax legacy 'Hired Guns', discography, catalogue of features. An obituary to Hunt & Tonys' father Soupy Sales is placed at the base of the text and testimonial contributions from colleagues include personal reflections from Stooges guitarist James Williamson.

Cover image: Hunt & Tony Sales, (used with permission.)

Text copyright Stephanie Lynne Thorburn 2012. Words: 17,000
Format:  pdf
Price:  $4.85  £3.20

'Blues Scholars': Etudes On The Blues Greats.

by Stephanie Lynne Thorburn.

Category: Music, trad. blues. 

Description: "Sophisticated poets and playwrights strive to express tragedy, misery, joy, love, heartbreak, but can they equal the simple eloquence of the Blues?" David English, Foreword.

'Blues Scholars' contains a compendium of vignette portfolio studies on the blues greats by Stephanie Lynne Thorburn. The collection of ecrits represents a musicologist's labour of love and comprises biography, interviews and testimonials on artists including Robert Johnson, John Lee Hooker, & Etta James written between 2002-2012. Generous interview with Cream lyricist Pete Brown, succinct testimonial contributions from Jimmie Vaughan & Bill Wyman. Foreword kindly dedicated by Dr. David English, (ex-President RSO Records, Eric Clapton/ Bee Gees.) Tags: Etudes, ecrits, biography. Copyright Stephanie Lynne Thorburn 2012. File Size: 675KB

Download Format: PDF  Words:  15,000

Price:  $4.20  £2.75

'Soul Survivor: A Vignette Etude Of Dick Heckstall-Smith'

'Soul Survivor: A Vignette Etude Of Dick Heckstall-Smith'
by Stephanie Lynne Thorburn

Category: Biography- jazz & blues.

Description: 'Soul Survivor: A Vignette Etude of Saxophonist Dick Heckstall-Smith', offers a penetrating biographical study of Heckstall-Smith's most significant repertoire & projects during the latter part of his career. Music writer Stephanie Lynne Thorburn has documented Dick Heckstall-Smith's solo catalogue with DHSS, Electric Dream and the fruition of his Arts Council jazz suite 'Celtic Steppes'. Passages of special interest to DH-S connoisseurs have been carefully constructed on Mainsqueeze and the reunion of Colosseum. There is notable interview input from the ever insightful Jon Hiseman and lifelong friend and colleague, Cream lyricist Pete Brown regarding Dick´s 2001 WC Handy nominated album ´Blues and Beyond´ featuring Peter Green, Mick Taylor, Paul Jones and Clem Clempson. Dick´s son Arthur also offers some reflections on his father´s vibrant life-force and creative psyche, leaving the reader in no doubt that Dick Heckstall-Smith had the ability to draw out both the musical essence and humanity of those he worked with professionally and interpersonally. An obituary of Dick and an original in-depth interview from Voodoo music magazine augment this biographical etude. Text & cover image: Copyright Stephanie Lynne Thorburn. Words: 21,000

Length: 21,000 words   File Size: 502KB

Download Format: PDF

Price: $4.85  £3.20

'Dharma: The Poetics Of Spirit'.

'Dharma: The Poetics Of Spirit'.

by Stephanie Lynne Thorburn.

Category:  Art & energy healing.

Description: 'Dharma: The Poetics of Spirit'. An illustrated personal odyssey on Spiritual Arts & Reiki Healing Art Forms. A reflective etude on Reiki healing, complete with spiritual art illustrations inspired by Greek mythology. Accompanying the artwork, there is a short, second passage exploring the genre of Spiritual Graphic Arts. The work is by artist & author Stephanie Lynne Thorburn.

Excerpt: The Poetics of Spirit Art. "Spiritual graphic art comprises primordial cultural archetypes evoking the collective unconscious. Channelling inspirational spiritually derived images involves the ability to envision generic essences. The artwork cultivated in my collection 'Primordial Essences’ is permeated by ancient esoteric symbols and residual cultural mythology. My art is defined by the legacy of my own connection to the conscious world and is a reflection of how I perceive the living experience. The collection explores the parameters of the avant-garde and is characterised by pastel colours, realisations of creatures cast into surreal technicolour, benevolent gods, angels and the super- verse populated by the doyens of our imagination guised as Kings..."

Length: 1 MB; File Size: 1111KB    3,000 words, plus illustrations.

Download Format: PDF

 Price:  $2.90   £1.85

'Primordial Essences: Walking With The Archetypes And Angels'.

'Primordial Essences: Walking With The Archetypes And Angels'.

by Stephanie Lynne Thorburn.

Category: Portfolio/Catalog

Description: 'Primordial Essences': An Exploration of Spirit Art & Creative Synaesthesia. 'Primordial Essences' offers a sensory odyssey, exploring both spiritual arts and the concept of auditory- visual 'creative synaesthesia' in verse. Verses include the melancholy 'Songwriter' and feisty, 'Cultured Lothario'. The author Stephanie Lynne writes on both popular music and alternative spiritual spheres. The work is challenging and unconventional, utilising an avant-garde eclectic approach. The writer is an energy healer with an interest in synaesthesia and Zazen meditation. This avant-garde artistic text broaches the essence of spiritual graphic arts, containing verses, cover art, odes and philosophical prose. This experimental eBook culminates in some interpersonal reflections on the nature of creative synaesthesia. The structure is Surrealist in genre and juxtaposes theory with lucid vignettes & illustrations, hinting at the animated characters and creative inspirations of the author's subconscious. The spiritual writing and art explores primal emotions, quests of bravery, unrequited love and intimate personal challenges. This illustrated spirit art book is based on the dual conceptual themes of personal and fictional odyssey.

Prose, verse and spirit art copyright Stephanie Lynne Thorburn. Tags: Creativity, spirituality, Surrealism, Jung, avant-garde, primal art, sensory synaesthesia.

Length: 1 MB; File Size: 1110KB   5,000 words, plus ilustrations.

Download Format: PDF

 Price:  $4.20  £2.75