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'Quintessentially Soul Brothers: The Sales Brothers In Their Own Words'.

Category: Biography, eBook.

The Sales Brothers have survived a diversity of musical incarnations and invariably
collaborated in esteemed company since the inception of their careers.  Having played
with Todd Rundgren, they joined Iggy Pop's solo band in 1977, forming the rhythm
section for the legendary 'Lust For Life' album, recorded at Hansa studios by the Berlin
Wall.  Over a decade later at the close of 1988, the Sales Brothers established Tin Machine
with David Bowie and virtuoso guitarist Reeves Gabrels.  Tin Machine proved to be an
iconoclastic project genre wise and was a challenging proto-grunge act that confounded
the expectations of fans and critics alike. Despite their formidable musical 'C.V.'s', the
Sales Brothers retrospective of solo recordings nevertheless remained hidden from the public
domain until recently. Their own album 'Hired Guns' war recorded at the close of the 1970's.
The project conveys their true musical roots, capturing a quintessentially vibrant form of
blue-eyed soul and penetrating R & B, centring on the brothers' natural affinity with the
Stax/ Volt legacy.  The Hired Guns album is doubtless a lost archival treasure, destined for
obscurity until Perseverance Records took the initiative of producing a quality album package
in 2008. 
In 'Quintessentially Soul Brothers:  The Sales Brothers In Their Own Words', author Stephanie
Lynne Thorburn offers in-depth interviews with drummer Hunt Sales and bassist Tony Sales. 
The text features a detailed biographical overview and succinct testimonials from some of
the Sales Brothers' colleagues and friends, namely guitarists James Williamson (Stooges),
Reeves Gabrels and Brian Ray.  Extensive discography links and archival photos are included.

Foreword by Sales Brothers' longime engineer/ producer Chas Ferry.  The eBook is augmented with an obituary to Hunt and Tony's father, comedian and TV host, Soupy Sales who sadly died in Oct. '09.

Text copyright Stephanie Lynne Thorburn and The Sales Brothers 2009.

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. Length: 15,000 words; File Size: 702KB

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'Soul Survivor: Biography Of Archetypal Saxophonist Dick Heckstall-Smith'.



Smith, Dick Heckstall - Blues & Beyond CD Cover Art

Image: album cover- Dick Heckstall-Smith and Friends.

Blue Storm Music-'Blues and Beyond'.


. Author: Stephanie Lynne Thorburn
. Category: Biography, eBook.

. Description: Saxophonist Dick Heckstall-Smith was blessed with the advantage of a restless, didactic edge in his every creative endeavour. His career is a landmark in a number of respects for British jazz and R & B. As a founding protagonist, he takes his place as a truly significant figure in the 1960’s cultural revolution. ‘Soul Survivor: Biography Of Archetypal Saxophonist Dick Heckstall-Smith’, offers a penetrating insight into some of Dick’s most significant projects during the latter part of his career. Author Stephanie Lynne Thorburn has documented passages of special interest to DH-S connoisseurs on Mainsqueeze featuring Bo Diddley and the reunion of Colosseum. There is notable interview input from the ever insightful Jon Hiseman and lifelong friend, Cream lyricist Pete Brown regarding Dick's 2001 WC Handy nominated album 'Blues and Beyond' which featured Jack Bruce, Peter Green, Mick Taylor, Paul Jones and Clem Clempson. Dick’s son Arthur also offers some reflections on his father’s vibrant life-force and creative psyche, leaving the reader in no doubt that Dick Heckstall-Smith had the ability to draw out the musical essence and humanity of those he worked with professionally and interpersonally. Additional links and a supportive document encompass an author’s obituary of Dick and a review of the tribute concert to DH-S at the Astoria in 2005.

Pictured: Dick’s WC Handy nominated album, 'Blues and Beyond', Blue Storm Music.

The text and interviews are Copyright Stephanie Lynne Thorburn, April 2009.

. Length: 15,200 words.; File Size: 300KB



'The Boogie Chillun - Voodoo Tribute to John Lee Hooker'.



From Clarksdale to Heaven: Remembering John Lee Hooker



. Author: Stephanie Lynne Thorburn
Category: Biography, eBook.

. Description: This commemorative eBook to seminal bluesman John Lee Hooker offers a biographical exploration of his legacy in light of Blue Storm Music's tribute anthology, 'From Clarksdale To Heaven- Remembering John Lee Hooker', (pictured).The article features an in-depth discussion with the album's producer, Cream lyricist Pete Brown and is punctuated with brief contributions from John Lee's peers and contemporaries including John Mayall, Jimmie Vaughan, Bill Wyman, saxophonist Dick Heckstall-Smith and bassist David Hadley Ray. First printed in Voodoo music newsletter in November/ December 2002, Issue 32,(pictured), both the original article and Voodoo music newsletter are now out of print. This extensive tribute feature now forms a concise eBook, commemorating the unique enigma of John Lee Hooker:.

Excerpt: 'John Lee Hooker’s music expressed the ultimate pickup, defying expectations and Aryan stereotypes of deep blues. There was no rhyme to his verse, his unmistakable technique of open tunings and single chord simplicity remained true to the grave, his voice weathered and earthy could have textured and melted toffee into the midst of the Mississippi. Hooker’s life stands as a celebration of raw and gracious talent, his tenacity fuelled with the spirit of self-actualisation..

eBook copyright Stephanie Lynne Thorburn, Feb. 2009.
Length: 6,900 words; File Size: 74KB
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