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Christmas 2012.

Snooker Legends- A True Renaissance.

Here's my latest snooker legends article that has enjoyed quite a bit of popularity on social networking.  See 'Snooker Legends- A True Renaissance'.

Snooker Legends Feature.

I am delighted to have published my book for Christmas on David English and the Bunburys.  My new text is titled, 'David English, The RSO Legacy & Bunbury Cricket Club Tails'.  Over Christmas on 24th, 25th and 26th December, the work will be available from Amazon's complementary platform. See:

New David English Kindle Book.

Very positive news- my Kindle text 'Incendiary Soul' a biography of Hunt and Tony Sales has reached the bestseller position on Amazon UK and France this summer.  The book can be accessed via my author's page on Amazon.  See:

'Incendiary Soul'.

Blues Scholars':  my new ebook 'Blues Scholars' can be found on my Amazon author's central page. The May 2012 edition of this compendium contains chapters I have written on artists including John Lee Hooker, Robert Johnson, BB King and Etta James.  Foreword kindly written by Dr. David English. See:

'Blues Scholars' Amazon.

New Amazon central page.  My new Amazon author's page can be found at: 

Amazon Stephanie Lynne.

 I am gradually building a catalogue with Amazon of my music and academic related eBooks, formatted for Kindle direct. 


Journal of Anomalous Sciences.

I have this April joined the Journal of Anomalous Sciences.  I will be advising on Social Science content- the journal comprises a team of expert contributors on natural sciences, Parapsychology and Exopolitics.  The journal has excellent digital presentation and graphics.  See:

Dimension Zone.

2011 Entries.


Socioastronomy updates.  I have updated my socioastronomy resource site with a range of news sources and link to my recent article on Space Fellowship website and my updated feature 'Exopolitics & Abstract Truths' on American Chronicle.  See: -


The Bunbury cricket website has now been updated with my testimonial feature on Dr. David English and reportage of the 25th Anniversary of Bunbury Cricket at Grosvenor House, (pics of Eric Clapton, Bill Wyman, Dr. David English, now uploaded to my gallery.)  See:

Press release, PR-Inside: - Grosvenor House Ball.

Snooker legends- pics to be added to gallery featuring Cliff Thorburn, Jimmy White, Stephanie Lynne Thorburn!

'The RSO Treatment- A Biographical Vignette of Impresario Robert Stigwood'- by Stephanie Lynne Thorburn, rearchived to PR-Inside & The Examiner, see: -The RSO Treatment.


Reiki and Spiritual Etiquette. I have written a feature about my personal odyssey within alternative therapy and Reiki modalities for my edu blog.  I have also reflected on the growing status of Reiki and alternative spirituality at a time of increasing secularisation: -

Reiki- A Personal Odyssey

BowieNet blogs and 'Progressive Etudes': -  I have been working on a review of the new 'Bowie2001- A Space Oddity' project and a feature on veteran writer Charles Shaar Murray on my BowieNet blog.  See  Stephanie Lynne:

Stephanie Lynne BowieNet blog.

My new 'Progessive Etudes' Blog can be found with a range of progressive academic content at: -

Stephanie Thorburn Progressive Etudes edu blog.

Holistic Health Practitioner.  I am glad to say that I have now completed my Holistic Health Practitioner certification with Reiki Rays Insititute.  Reiki Rays is the World Metaphysical Association's own academy and the programme is accredited by a range of professional associations including the International Natural Healers Assocation and the Amercian Association of Drugless Practitioners.  Modalities I have undertaken in my learning include Usui Reiki, Imara Reiki and Gemstone Reiki Rays. 

See Reiki Rays Insititute: -  Reiki Rays Institute.  


December 2010.

My published literature review for my postgrad SRI dissertation has been published on my Los Angeles Chronicle author's page.  The title of the work is, 'The Astrosociological Imagination and the Space Renaissance Initiative- A Discourse Analytical Perspective'. See: -    



 The Astrosociological Imagination.

I have developed a new resource page for my collection of postgraduate published works on the Space Renaissance- the site will also support the emerging sphere of Socio-astronomy: - 

 Jan '11.  My feature 'Efficacious Duality:  The Space Renaissance, Brian May and Rock's Innovative Educators' is now online and available on PR-InsideBrian website and new official Queen fansite.  See:  Efficacious Duality.

2010 Entries.

Autumn 2010.

Holistic Health Practitioner Certification.  My music and sports features have been absent recently because I am busy undertaking my HHP certification with Reiki Rays Insitute- the institute of the World Metaphysical Association.  Will update with news on my progress in the near future...  I am also undertaking some postgraduate research on the Space Renaissance Initiative.

 'Dr. David English and the RSO Legacy'.  My testimonial feature on Dr. David English in light ofhis CBE award and the Bunbury's forthcoming 25th celebration is now available on Los Angeles Chronicle: -

 Dr. David English & the RSO Legacy.

'Alex Higgins- Iconoclastic Genius'.  My obituary on the late Alex Higgins is now available on   See: -

 Alex Higgins Obituary

Summer 2010. 

Nuance Webzine and the Space Renaissance Initiative.  I have been making some steady progress in diversifying between my work within the sphere of media and entertainment and social science orientated subjects.  My Nuance webzine has been added to the Unified Direction Council of the Space Renaissance Initiative this July and I am delighted to say that I have joined the Board of Directors of the SRI this summer.  For more information on the organisation and their manifesto, please see: 

 Space Renaissance Initiative.

July 2010.  I have been undertaking and advanced Reiki Master course with the School Of Living Reiki Therapies.

June 2010.  Well, last month was very exceptional- my special reports on a range of events and gigs are just beginning to come into fruition in a range of print mediums.  More soon.. thought I'd just begin by linking in my report on Iggy and the Stooges' Raw Power set a Hammersmith Apollo, now available in July Record Collector: -  Stephanie Lynne.

American Velvet- Rock Talk, Record Collector.  Look out for my news feature on p.21 of April issue R.C. on the new Velvet Underground tribute CD 'American Velvet' by Rock Talk Records.  See: Record Collector Mag- April.  My features 'Zen Improvisation' and 'Act Of Faith', on Chris Jagger's Atcha are now posted to  A great rock 'n' roll community!  Zen Improvisation       Act Of Faith Review

Latent Talent:  'Quintessentially Soul Brothers'.  March 2010. Excerpts from my eBook on Hunt and Tony Sales are now posted to blues blogs in form of a two part feature exploring the musical influences and careers of the Sales Brothers- an abridged biography is included:-

Part OneSales Brothers Feature- BB

Part Two: Hunt Sales Interview Excerpt- BB

Part 3 to come on bassist Tony F. Sales..  and my article 'Perseverance- The Sales Brothers', offering an overview of my True Fire eBook is now on Los Angeles Chronicle-  The Sales Brothers..  In Their Own Words:

LA Chronicle- Tin Machine & The Sales Br.

Spring Themed Lookbooks-  My new lookbooks titled 'Chanteuse' and 'Dharma' are published onto my public lookbooks on the US Style website, see Stephanie Lynne: -

'Chanteuse' and 'Dharma' Collections.

Legends Of Snooker Reignite- PR-Inside:  My feature on snooker legends Jimmy White, Cliff Thorburn and Alex Higgins is now available on, offering info on the current legends tour & forthcoming tournament at The Crucible this April.

Snooker Legends Reignite- PR Inside.

Record Collector. My review on Bill Wyman and the Rhythm Kings 'Helping The Heart of Music' concert at the Royal Albert Hall last October is now available in Record Collector, January issue.  The review also contains a section on the Faces Reunion:

Traditional Usui Reiki Master:  I'm very pleased to say that I have now received my certificate of achievement and am a Traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master/ Teacher I am currently finalising my case study based exam for the higher diploma.  In addition, I have been studying a range of modalities in an ongoing capacity overtime and have also been Master attuned as a Zen (Zazen) Reiki Master/ Teacher, (Masters Healing Light Academy) and am a 'One Spirit' Shamanic Healing Master/ Teacher, (School Of Living Reiki Therapies).  

Parapsychology Papers:  I have just finalised the overviews of some new parapsychology papers I am currently writing, namely 'Parapsychology.  Reappraising Methodological Issues:  The Efficacy Of Allied Traditions.'  Reiki and Shamanic Energetic Systems:  In The Field With The Big Cats.'


Entries For 2009

(Nb. Websites and relevant text links to features are coloured violet.)

Have a wonderful holiday season!  My new eBook this Christmas is now available from True Fire arts section, under my author's profile:  'Quintessentially Soul Brothers- The Sales Brothers In Their Own Words', By author Stephanie Lynne Thorburn.

The Word Mag, December.  Succinct piece this month in the 'Inbox' section of Word Magazine, p.56-7 on my forthcoming Sales Brothers eBook and feedback on their feature 'The Many Lives of David Bowie'. Word Mag, December Issue.

Space Renaissance Initiative Philosophy Paper.  My feature originally for Los Angeles Chronicle, titled 'Exopolitics and Abstract Truths', has now been added to the philosophy papers section on the Space Renaissance Initiative homepage.  Space Renaissance paper.

Soupy Sales Obituary- L.A. Chronicle.  My obituary on US comedian Soupy Sales is now online on American Chronicle and Los Angeles Chronicle.  Soupy was father to musicians Hunt and Tony Sales and a pioneer of slapstick comedy.  The obituary will be included in my forthcoming eBook on the Sales Brothers.   Soupy Sales Obituary.

Record Collector- Leaf Hound Review. My review on cult stoner band Leaf Hound is now available in December R.C., which is also their 30th anniversary issue. A short pracis of the piece can be found in their online archive: Leafhound R.C.

B.B. King Blues Blog:  'Zen Improvisation:  The Axe Phenomenon'. My feature on John Mizarolli, a true Ella Fitzgerald of contemporary music is now archived on my B.B. King blues blog. October '09.            Axe Phenomenon.

MSG Hall of Fame page:  My recent feature on Lou Jordan and Ciro's in Knightsbridge is now included on's Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame Anniversary Concerts feature pages: - Feature Link.

Traditional Usui Reiki Master/ Teacher course.  I am currently undertaking a course in Traditional Usui Reiki- each level of Reiki holds its own unique challenges as a discipline!  More soon..  The course is accredited by the International Natural Healers Association and WMA.

On the theme of photography with a true 'Lust for life', I have organised a special gallery of my brother's bigcat pics in my 'Nuance' special features section- Derry Thorburn Big Cat Photo Gallery

My latest lookbook theme in my series, is titled 'Lust For Life'.  See Stephanie Lynne's public lookbooks: 'Lust For Life'  CATEGORY:  Trends TAGS:  classic rock , expressionism , FASHION , spontaneity.

Ciro's Knightsbridge/ Lou Jordan Feature- PR Inside and USA Today.  August '09 My review feature on the intriguing Ciro's Pomodoro in Knightsbridge is now press release to PR  The report also includes a review of Lou Jordan 'Elvis to the Stars', who performed a one hour set.  Ciro's feature PR- Inside  and USA Today  I have also penned a feature for my B.B. King blues blog:  'The King and I'.

The Sales Brothers Definitive Resource Site.  I have constructed a resource page representing some of my review, interview and resource research on all things related to the Sales brothers.  Look out for some future surprises!  Sales Brothers Definitive Resource Site   

Info. On BowieNet Blogs.   (see entry for 24/7/'09).

Rekindling The Spirit of Paranormal Scholar.  The Paranormal Scholar website was an excellent concept, but has not been fully functional recently.  I have constructed a page on my webjam blog network in view of rekindling the spirit of the original initiative and have added content from my Abstract Maxims summer 2009: -  Paranormal Scholar Link

Eric Clapton Concert Review- Record Collector, August Issue.   My review on Eric Clapton's performance at the Grosvenor House 'Bunbury bashes' evening is now available in Record Collector, August Issue.  Here's the online link: -  Eric Clapton Review- Record Collector

My review of EC at the Royal Albert Hall can be found in my blues blog on the official B.B. King site: -

Eric Clapton, RAH Review.

'Lookbook'  I have contributed a 'lookbook' themed on spring and fall 2009 classic designer's collections published on the community section.  See Stephanie Lynne's lookbook link:  'Nuance' themed collection and 'Natural Elements'.

Ashes Tribute, Grosvenor House.  My report on the 'Bunbury bashes' ashes tribute evening is now available on, the Bunbury cricket site and From Bill "Writer and illustrator Stephanie Lynne Thorburn was at the Bunbury's third annual bash, in tribute of the Ashes and caught up with Bill Wyman and others.  Read her special report right here..."   Special Report Link.

My Blues Blog- B.B. King Official Site.  I've just started a new blues related blog on comprising a feature and review.  Here's a link to my article 'A King Of Delta Blues'  on B.B.'s museum and the Delta Interpretive Centre:  A King Of Delta Blues.  And here's the original feature on Los Angeles Chronicle:  L.A. Chronicle- A King Of Delta Blues. 

I've just updated my Freelance Models profile pics for '09: -  Freelance Models Profile 

'Bunbury Bashes'- Grosvenor House, 9th May 2009.  Photos of the bash, organised by Dr. David English have now been uploaded to my photo gallery.

Soul Survivor: Biography Of Archetypal Saxophonist Dick-Heckstall Smith.  My biography on seminal saxophonist DH-S is now for available for download from the arts section of Link: 

'Soul Survivor'- DH-S Biography

Nuance- Wall Street Journal online sources.  My PR-Inside press release on Nuance webzine is now also included on the Wall Street Journal (EU) online sources: Nuance- Wall Street Journal Sources.

The Sales Brothers- 'Hired Guns'. Review & Resume, USA Today, Wall Street Journal online (EU),    My review and resume of The Sales Brothers Hired Guns album has been press released to and is now included in USA Today, and the Wall Street Journal online, (EU sources). Hired Guns is a soulful retrospective collection of personal recordings by the Sales Brothers, available from Perseverance Records. PR-Inside and USA Today

True Fire- 'The Boogie Chillen', John Lee Hooker eBook. My commemorative in-depth tribute feature to seminal bluesman John Lee Hooker, originally published in Voodoo Music newsletter is now available from the arts section of True, the music community website.  'The Boogie Chillen' - John Lee Hooker eBook

Nuance Webzine Launch, PR-Inside Release.  I have just finalised the web content for the launch of my new webzine 'Nuance', which aims at a cerebrally challenging fusion of music, culture, metaphysics and spirituality.  For further details on features and content, see PR-Inside press release:-  Nuance- PR-Inside.

It's Only 'R & R' with the Rhythm Kings at the RFH.  Here's an evocative archival review feature of mine from a few years back, evoking Bill Wyman and the Rhythm King' s performing at the Royal Festival Hall.  The aftershow contained a few surprises, with Jeff Beck arriving to greet Ronnie Wood and Bill Wyman proving to be a diligent host.  More eventful special reports v. soon!  Rhythm Kings RFH.

Excerpts From My Autobio- True Fire 'Arts' Section.  I am still working hard at penning my autobio and extracts from my manuscript 'Great Expectations' have also now been uploaded to the Arts section of the music community website 'True Fire', under my author's profile.  True Fire- 'Great Expectations'.

TUL Ordination, Doctor of Divinity. - Tuesday, December 23, 2008
I am delighted to have become ordained to the Universal Light Church, Cincinnati. I have been conferred as a Doctor of Divinity and now hold an additional certificate to practice my Parapsychology. The TUL are not a conventional religious church, but are a Parapsychological, metaphysical organisation, who support spiritual spheres of alternative healthcare. Please see link for additional details on the TUL:  The Universal Light

Poetry and Satire. - Tuesday, November 25, 2008
I have published and illustrated a range of my work online recently in a variety of genres from poetry to short plays and satire- here's one of my poems on Authspot:  A Social Odyssey and an extract from my avant-garde play series 'Abstractions': The Songwriter
Course results. - Wednesday, December 03, 2008
I am very glad to have received news of the result of my Parapsychology course with the Open College. I have been awarded a Distinction and full marks of 100%.. I now considering my future studies into 2009- so more unconventional news to come with any luck!  
My Parapsychology Studies. - Sunday, August 24, 2008
Announcements have been a little quiet lately because I have gone back to my studies at present. I haven't undertaken a course for a few years since completing my MA at Goldsmiths. I'm currently working on a diploma in Parapsychology with the Open College and am glad to say that I am now a member of the UK National Therapist register and an associate member of the Institute of Forensic Parapsychology. - I love parapsychology & its been taking up more of my time than music crit for about the twelve months, so I decided to formalise my interest a little further career wise!  

Bill Wyman Special Feature- L.A. Chronicle. - Monday, July 14, 2008
My special feature on Bill's career in recent history has now been published on L.A .Chronicle and Bill Wyman's official website have created a page featuring my material:   Rhythm Kings- L.A. Chronicle.
Grosvenor House Bunbury Tribute 2008. - Monday, July 14, 2008
My report on the Bunbury's tribute to Sir Ian Botham on 8th May has now been updated onto the Bunbury Cricket homepage:  Report Of Grosvenor Tribute Evening
Record Collector- Eric Clapton, Grosvenor House. - Monday, May 19, 2008
My special review feature on Eric Clapton's performance at Grosvenor House on 8th May is now available in August, Issue No 352 of Record Collector. The Bunbury's gala party at The Grosvenor was in honour of Sir Ian Botham and special guests included Bill Wyman, Charlie Watts, Sir Viv Richards and Jeffrey Archer.. For my online RC review, go to: -  
Record Collector Grosvenor Review
LOW CUT FEATURE. - Tuesday, April 29, 2008
My latest interview with Peter French of Leaf Hound can now be read on Low Cut webzine and is also a featured article on the current 'frontpage'. Please see details on their new look website: -  
Low Cut Feature.

My Page- L.A. Chronicle. - Monday, April 21, 2008
Here's my new author contributor's page on American Chronicle & allied site, L.A. Chronicle, which includes links to extracts from my memoirs and my latest feature on the site, 'Exopolitics and Abstract Truths'.  My Author's Page- L.A. Chronicle 

For more features and news, dated prior to April 2008- please see my Pureportals archival site: -

Stephanie Lynne Pureportals site.