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Welcome to my website, many thanks for visiting!  I am a freelance writer and illustrator based in London, UK.  Currently, I contribute reviews and features to a range of journals internationally from  L.A. Chronicle and World Sentinel to PR-Inside, Blues Matters, Low Cut, Record Collector  and Voodoo music magazines.  My content for has been featured onWall Street Journal online, (EU sources 2009), The Examiner, USA Today and Fender Vintage.  


Over the past few years I have also built up a portfolio of work comprising features, reviews and news items I have contributed to a diverse range of publications, online portals and official music sites.  My material has been featured on websites including:,,,,, www.rockislife.com,, and  


As a regular contributor to,  I contribute content primarily on 'media & entertainment'; more latterly I have engaged with science and parapsychological subjects.  I worked on the Executive Committee of the London Screenwriter's Workshop for a number of years, organising membership special events. Subsequently, I liased with the organisation 'Bowieart',  Chairing and co-ordinating collaborative short-film screenings.  


I Edit my own avant-garde webzine 'Nuance'.  My Nuance webzine and Socio-Astronomy resource page are part of the Unifield direction council of the Space Renaissance Initiative- I am currently undertaking postgraduate research on the SRI. I am developing my own portal of progressive studies, 'Progressive Etudes'.


Academically,  I hold a Masters in Sociology (Qualitative Research) from Goldsmiths College, London and a degree in Sociology/ Psychology from City University.  I recently qualified as as a Traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master/ Teacher and am an Advanced Reiki Master.   


Here on my new web base I hope to put up to date news on my writing projects.  Extracts from my autobiographical memoirs can now be read both on my American Chronicle author's page and online at webjam blogs, (see blog section) : -



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